My name is Andrea…

and I NEVER thought I’d be crazy about the business of homemaking!

As a kid in small town Indiana, I played out business start-ups through my Barbie dolls, and imagined a life of power suits and world travels. I went to IU Business School and scored a GE job after graduation that promised a hard-working, Midwestern girl like me the life I’d always dreamed of.

Andrea Egan as ambitious child

During my climb up the corporate ladder, I traveled to new places far away from small town Indiana. One of those promotions led me to Dallas, where I met the Husband.  A colleague suggested I go on a date with her son.  She promised he was handsome, ambitious, and kind.  He turned out to be all of those things – and he taught me how to two-step and laugh at myself.

Wedding Photo

From Climbing Corporate Ladders to Home Making

After more ladder climbing, I got pregnant with our first baby. It didn’t happen as quickly as we hoped.  I began to wonder whether it would happen at all.  Then I heard my son’s heartbeat for the very first time.  I knew immediately that I wanted to turn my energy and ambition homeward.


Over the next 10 years, I had two more babies and discovered deep satisfaction in creating a life at home. Developing a classic decorating style that exudes comfort and character became my work and play. I became of student of new ways to deep clean and perfect the weekday dinner. I took up sewing and collecting fabric bolts. Together, my husband and I hosted hundreds of friends, family, and even strangers, inviting all kinds of people into our lives at home.

From Climbing Corporate Ladders to Home Designs

At some point, I realized that my newer interests in home life and design melded brilliantly with my business background. I started Andrea Egan Designs. My business revolved around a foundational principle: A Home Design Mission Statement. 

Andrea Egan Designs

I found that a mission statement infused purpose, clarity, and direction into my home design projects, and my business flourished. Life as a stay-at-home mom became something of a whirlwind as I led design on over 40 homes in three years.


With our move east I joined BOWA, DC’s leading luxury remodeler where my love and understanding of row houses and condos grew.BOWA

Life has recently come full circle.  I’ve gone home to GE Appliances where I’m helping DC, Baltimore, and N. VA builders manage their appliance needs. Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.55.58 PM And by night, I experiment with my apartment in Northwest DC.

Meet my family:

The Husband

My 40-year old man who loves tax law, technology, and staying fit. (He looks mighty fine in a suit)


My 10-year old boy who loves swimming, reading, and yelling out LOUD!

Meet John

My 8-year-old boy who loves tinkering, soccer, and laughing out LOUD!


My 5-year-old girl who loves dancing, pretending, and whining out LOUD!

Libby (short for Liberty)

My cargo bike who carries kids, groceries, and makes exploring D.C. a thrill.


 Come along for the ride!

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