My Ride

Meet LIBERTY!  We call her “Libby”.  She helps me live car-free in DC.


She is a Xtracycle Edgerunner 24D.  I LOVE this bike! She is a work horse that gets my daughter to school (6 miles each day). She carries groceries and Target finds. And she even lets me set the pace to explore streets I wouldn’t find riding the metro or bus.

Do you remember your 1st bike or the 1st time your mom let you ride around the block alone? FREEDOM! That is what my sweet ride gives me in DC where traffic is horrendous, busses are unreliable, and bike lanes are aplenty!

Biking in DC is actually pretty easy.  In addition to the bike lanes, bike trails get me all around the city.  I can ride my bike through Rock Creek Park to the Mall & Monuments in 15 minutes.

She holds a weeks’ worth of groceries!


Here she is holding my groceries with handlebars for Margaret.  IMG_2689

Here we are on our way in from the rain.


Here she is with the Hooptie accessory, which creates an enclosure and handlebars for passengers.


This is where she sleeps in our apartment’s sweet bike garage.



Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.45.04 PM

I follow this map to help navigate the best bike lanes in DC.





Check out “Less car more go” – the design and heart behind my cargo bike.  Warning:  You will WANT one too :)

I have never been a bicycle person.  If a 40-year-old in not-so-perfect shape can ride this bike, anyone can. Hop on! This is my DC URBAN EXPERIMENT.


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