Organizational high?

It’s January and I’m desperate for order and an organizational high. I’m not sure what causes this universal surge of energy each year, but I’ve got it.

As soon as my holiday decorations were put away, I felt the nudge to get my Home in order!  A couple of areas have been out of control…

  • Our entry closet was a BIG mess!  While the 3 kids had a designated drop zone for shoes, coats, and backpacks, it was not pretty.  And the doors never got closed by kids on the go.  This is what greeted me everyday.

messy closet before

Now, my coat closet gives me an organizational high!

Organizational High

Entry Way Closet

Whether you use a coat closet or an entry hallway, designate a drop zone for coats, bags, and seasonal gear.  I wanted mine to be pretty – even when doors were left open.  So I used contact paper to line the walls, elfa customizable shelving components to give each kiddo a bin for shoes and personal items.  Hooks line the perimeter for backpacks and coats.  A table top surface catches homework and permission slips.  And baskets hold sporting goods and recycling.  This closet is finally pretty and functional!  I no longer cringe when I walk in and see the doors wide open.

  • My jewelry was a HOT mess.   Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings – all jumbled up in a tray.

Jewelry mess

Now, my jewelry door gives me an organizational high!

Jewelry Storage

Container Store sells this back-of-the-door elfa organizational system. They can be used for books, pantry items, cleaning supplies, winter gear – anything.  I hung this on the back of my walk-in closet door in 10 minutes. I can now see ALL my jewelry in one quick glance.  It is finally pretty and functional.

Whether you are feeling desperate for an organizational high or not, you need order in your home.  And once systems are in place, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Container Store runs its annual elfa sale through mid-February if you want to copy any of mine.  Or, consider a professional organizer if you are short on time, energy, or ideas.

Here are a few of my favorite DC organization gurus that can deliver organizational highs.  

Rachel and Company

Neat Method


Best to your Home in 2017!



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