Outdoor room?

When the Husband selected our DC apartment, he said an “outdoor room” was a MUST. He was right.  We had been spoiled by charming porches and backyard covered patios in suburbia.  In our previous Dallas homes, we even planted a tree for each of our kids. Outdoor spaces had been a big part of our everyday life at Home.

Dallas yard

While we don’t have a backyard in DC, the need for an outdoor retreat is no different.  Here was our balcony it in its no-frills state.

Balcony - Before

It has been the Husband’s cigar smoking and newspaper reading room. But this “outdoor room” never lured me outside – Until now!  I  got busy this spring and am very pleased with the results.

Creating an Outdoor Room that Appeals to the 5 Senses 

Herbs and veggies fill my window boxes and call me outside to water them daily.

window boxes


Soft outdoor rugs invite bare feet outside to enjoy the view.

Balcony - after

Native perennials and trailing vines add a pop of color and nature to our Home  – 10 stories up in the sky.

outdoor rug in an outdoor room

Seats for 5 on the balcony allow for outdoor dining, which makes the kids squeal with delight.

(I stack a couple of chairs together when not in use)

balcony seating

Today, I’m feeling grateful for my outdoor room.  The afternoon breeze, the smell of rosemary, the sounds of my city on a Sunday, the view of a spectacular bridge, and the feel of wicker remind me to decorate with all five senses.

grateful for outdoor room

Here are some more thoughts on engaging the 5 senses for decorating appeal from HOUZZ.

Here are 17 more outstanding outdoor rooms to inspire you from HOUZZ.

I hope you have an outdoor room that engages your senses.  Whether it’s 2-acres overlooking corn fields or a fenced in suburban back-yard, make it inviting for you and those you welcome.  Happy Summer!


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7 Responses to Outdoor room?

  1. I adore this!! Never ever ever have heard of engaging the senses when decorating, but it makes so much sense (no pun intended)! Andrea, I’m officially a little jealous of your urban living now! I am in love (again! yay!) with our little house and absolutely am “all in” for small living! Thank you for sharing your life with me! Love you!

    • Awww…Thanks. I want to plant trees for the kids here too. I think I’ve found the spot :)

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