Pop-up guest room?

Welcome to my pop-up guest room!  You’ve seen retail pop-up shops – right?


My sister, Elodie, is here for two weeks from France with her friend Gabi from Mexico.  We needed to carve out a spot for them.  And we wanted them to feel welcome and special.  I started thinking about the idea of a pop-up guest space.  But where would it go?

I love hosting people in our Home.  You’ve seen my DC Visitor’s Guide and my adventures in hosting large groups.  I’m one of those rare types who loves the preparations – from dinner parties to Bunco night to overnight guests.  I was eager for another opportunity to be creative with my space.

Choose a space…

before pop up guest room

And pop-up a Guest Room…

Pop up guest room

Here is my tried-and-true game plan for hosting overnight guests:

Step 1 – Set up the bed

pop-up bed

Step 2 – Stock the refrigerator with food

stocked refrigerator for guests

Step 3 – Stock the bathroom with toiletries and towels

guest room toiletries

Step 4 – Create privacy and leave thoughtful touches

guest room privacy

Step 5 – Create a hospitality spreadsheet with scheduled activities

Hospitality Spreadsheet

Step 6 – Have FUN!

IMG_5461 IMG_5462 IMG_5465

I’m still surprised that we are able to host friends and family in our 1,200 sq. ft. apartment. Hosting overnight guests doesn’t require a designated guest room.  It requires a little preparation and flexibility. Try a pop-up guest room – you’ll be glad you did. Memories are made when you open up your Home. Happy Hosting!

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2 Responses to Pop-up guest room?

  1. Love it!! When my in-laws come to town they bring with them at least 4 adults and 3 kids (teenagers now!)…adding 7ish full-grown (nearly all are) bodies and their stuff to our already-filled-by-5-people-and-our-stuff 1400 sq ft house!! So, we “pop up” a guest room in our living and dining via couches and air mattress! lol!! We make it work cuz we love them, and they let it work cuz they love us! It’s just all about the love, right? Thanks for being a steadfast source of encouragement for folks like me <3

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