Should I shake up my apartment?

I’ve been feeling the nudge to shake up my apartment. I told you about moving my dining room into the living room here. But, something about my living room hasn’t been right since…

Living Room BEFORE

I never liked seeing the side of the couch when I walked in the front door. Interiors that greet you subtly and draw you gently inside are pleasing to me.

Hallway before

The day after the inauguration, I had an overabundance of nervous energy.  My family was gone for the afternoon, so I decided it was time for a shake up.  I didn’t even have a plan.  I just knew it could be better.  So, off I went pushing, pulling, and tugging HEAVY furniture all over my apartment – toute seule.

shake up
The Husband had already shared his apprehensions over a design shake up. He stressed that the TV location was working and discretely placed.  I agreed.  BUT, the internal nagging continued.  I had to try…

Let the shake up begin:

more shake up

I first settled on the dining room table location and determined it was a lovely fit under our beloved Johnny McKee art.

new hallway

I then placed the couch on the wall and began to build and layer a conversational zone.
new living room

The TV, while more prominent in the room, works here.  It hides the wall heater. The room now feels more pleasant closer to our view over the city.

reading nook

new living room

The new reading nook off my kitchen is getting lots of use for newspaper and book perusing.
reading nook

Shake up verdict:

new layout

I’m happy with the shake up.  My apartment feels fresh.  And I’m reminded that design possibilities are endless – even in a small space. Don’t be afraid to shake up your own home when you feel the nudge. You’ll be glad you did!

ps.  I’m thinking about shaking up the bedrooms next., my new online crush, is working on a room design that would move the kids into the master bedroom. The Husband has opinions.  I’m excited to share my MODSY experience with you soon.

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    • Aww! Thanks Kerrie – you have to check out MODSY. It is going to revolutionize the way we furnish our homes. Hugs friend!

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