Virtual Reality Home Design?

I was sure that moving the 3-kids into the master bedroom would give them more space UNTIL I saw it in virtual reality. Have you seen all this virtual reality hype?  Promises of bringing interior design to life sounded too good to be true!  But I still wanted to experiment…

Could technology really display my home in accurate 3-D measurements? By confirming that furniture fit my rooms, budget, and style, I would save time and stress.  I decided to give it a whirl. I followed these 4 easy steps

     1.  Select a Virtual Reality partner.

Pay a small fee to their full-service website.  I hired MODSY for $100 bucks. There are also free DIY sites linked here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.26.11 PM

       2. Upload photos into their website.

Hire Modsy

     3.  Receive the redesign in 3-D using virtual reality technology.  

(MODSY will even incorporate your current furniture in your design for a small fee.)

MODSY design package

Here are some floor plan ideas MODSY sent me in 3-D.  They promise a 7-10 day turnaround.

virtual reality-image 1

virtual reality-image 2

virtual reality-image 3

virtual reality image 4

virtual reality image 5

virtual reality image 6

     4.  Decide on a design.

Seeing the kids’ 3 loft beds in 3-D in the master bedroom saved me a ton of time and grief.  It confirmed the Husband’s skepticism! It showed me that the kids are better off in their current bedroom.  While the master bedroom is larger, its wall configurations are not ideal for 3 loft beds.

Virtual Reality in your home design efforts?

Toying with virtual reality in my home was worth the small fee.  I saved time, money, and frustrations in the end.  And like you, I love solutions that simplify design while making interior design affordable and risk free.  Give it a try!

ps.  We may have a shared bedroom solution after-all.  Stay tuned for my experiments with DC row house living!  We close at the end of the month on this sweet, new Home.



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